Giuseppe Di Morabito, the new ready to wear inspired by the mediterranean and central european groove


Finalist at Who Is On Next 2015 - Vogue Talent & Altaroma, Giuseppe Di Morabito was born in 1992 in a small town in Calabria, a region of Southern Italy. His childhood in the countryside of southern Italy was a major influence in his aesthetic as a designer. The colours and tones, textures and shapes, landscape and lifestyle of Calabria still serve as integral sources of his creativity. He grew up surrounded by important historical and architectural sites, which instilled him with a deep love for the ancient historical and visual traditions which characterize his home region. Even today as a designer living and working in Milan, Giuseppe draws inspiration from the classical styles and iconographies that were so prevalent in his youth.
In 2013 Giuseppe carried these influences and passions into the fashion world, attending Instituto Marangoni, Milan, for a program in Fashion Design. Here learned various design techniques. But he gained far more than simply the skills to construct clothes. Milan offered him the urban inspiration that Calabria lacked, allowing him to heighten his own designs into a unique hybrid of country and city, ancient and modern. For the first time he was able to fully visualize and appreciate urban space, the aesthetics of modernity and the 'chicness' which Milan is known for. Giuseppe’s talent and passion allowed him to quickly move beyond the academic sphere. Rather than producing a collection for the purpose of academic assignments, he decided to produce one for the public. In 2014 his dream became true: the launch of his own brand Giuseppe Di Morabito. Now through his Women’s line of clothing, Giuseppe is able to share his unique synthesis of styles and inspirations with both the world of fashion and the world at large.
Giuseppe Di Morabito combines his love for the past while also embracing the beauty and values of the new. His aesthetic strives to create a balance between what was and what one day will be. 

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